3 beauty tips to look less tired

3 beauty tips to look less tired

3 beauty tips to look less tired
3 beauty tips to look less tired

Lack of sleep, overwork, stress ... Do you have a tired look? Discover our beauty tips to look awake and in good shape.

1 / Give a boost to your face

You accumulate too short nights and signs of fatigue appear on your face? To find a radiant complexion and a bright look, give it a boost! For this, nothing like a jet of cold water: it tends to reduce swelling, puffiness and activates the blood circulation. The complexion becomes brighter and regains its freshness. The other benefit of cold water is that it tones your skin and tightens your pores. Know that it is also effective on the rest of the body to wake him up.

2 / Practice a facial massage

To fight against swollen eyelids, blurred complexion or against tired skin, you can perform a facial massage. Very simple to do it promotes the circulation of blood and gives good looks. In the morning, in front of your mirror, make circular movements under your cheekbones. Then go back to your ears with your fists. Fingertips, massage the lower part of the face, then make circles under the brow bone, before smoothing the forehead from the center to go outward. Finish by tapping your entire face with your fingers. This massage is also a real moment of relaxation: do not hesitate to repeat this exercise in the evening before falling into the arms of Morphée.

3 / Carry out a tailor-made express care

If after passing your face under cold water and practicing a massage you still do not look awake, it's time to do a specific treatment. If you have a plumping peeling mask on hand, apply one coat to the entire face. Leave about fifteen minutes in the clear water, then apply a moisturizing serum. You do not have this product on hand? Make a homemade, tailor-made, in a few minutes: in a bowl, mix the juice of half a lemon, a tablespoon of organic honey, a white egg and a teaspoon of yogurt. After getting a homogeneous mixture, let it sit for 20 minutes on the face. Rinse. To you the radiant mine!
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