3 tips to always smell good

3 tips to always smell good

3 tips to always smell good
3 tips to always smell good

Do you want to feel fresh and smell good all day? It's possible ! For that, to choose well its toiletries is essential. Follow the guide !

1 / Choose a suitable shower product

Soaps, gels or shower jellies, products that promise freshness and good smell are many. To take care of your skin, you can for example opt for solid soap. You have the choice: Aleppo soap for problem skin, surgras soap for dry skin or soap with donkey milk for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Want to smell fruity, flowery, exotic or gourmet? Dare the shower gel, there is something for everyone! In summer, Monoi, coconut or fruit products are a hit! If you have dry or sensitive skin, you can choose creams or shower oils, more moisturizing. These products will delicately perfume your skin. Freshness assured!

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2 / Adopt its ideal deodorant

After a good shower, applying a deodorant is essential to feel fresh all day long. There is a multitude of it: you have to choose it according to your skin type and sweat. If you tend to sweat easily, prefer alum stone to industrial antiperspirants that contain aluminum salts, a controversial substance. Natural antiperspirant, alum stone regulates perspiration by tightening the pores of the skin without obstructing them. If you do not sweat a lot, you can go for a classic deodorant. It will mask the sweat odor, but will not block it. In spray, stick or cream: you have the choice! Brands are more and more numerous to offer ranges of deodorants with more natural compositions, ideal to smell good while respecting more the skin. No more bad smells at the end of the day!

3 / Playing with his perfume

To smell good, there is nothing like spraying a little perfume on his neck and wrists. Attention: to be well perfumed, it is necessary to keep a good distance of the skin, between 10 and 20 centimeters. If there are derivatives of your perfume, you can also use them to smell good. Applying a body cream to match your fragrance will accentuate its scent: you will feel even more, longer. Another possibility for your smell to remain intact all day long: the bag spray. Simply pour a little of your perfume into this little object and put in when the need arises: to take everywhere with you!
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