3 ways to hold your eyelash extensions

3 ways to hold your eyelash extensions

3 ways to hold your eyelash extensions
3 ways to hold your eyelash extensions

The installation of eyelash extensions can not be improvised, nor their maintenance. Here are our three tips to keep them as long as possible.

Update on eyelash extensions

Why wear eyelash extensions? Simply to get a more intense and glamorous look. For those who have short eyelashes, stiff, thin, scattered, poorly supplied or poorly distributed, the extensions allow to find a line of lashes homogeneous and well drawn. To avoid any feeling of discomfort, the glue used is deposited on the eyelashes themselves, and not on the skin of the eyelids. There are two ways to apply the extensions: either in the form of strands to fill sparse areas, or online to densify all the eyelashes. The result can last up to 8 weeks, depending on the speed of growth of your eyelashes and especially the way the extensions are maintained.
3 things to do to hold your eyelash extensions

1 / Maintain its extensions

Eyelash extensions require a maintenance routine to be followed for them to last. To avoid peeling them off, it is recommended to wait 48 hours after installation or filling, before brushing them or putting them in contact with water. It is necessary to let the extensions harden so that they hold perfectly. They must be cleaned daily: dab them with a wet compress and then dry them with a tissue. To practice this routine, make sure you have clean hands, especially not fat because of a moisturizer or a cleansing oil!

2 / Avoid using fat products

Indeed, fat products do not mix well with eyelash extensions: they may take off. Better to avoid applying cleansing oils, milk, two-phase makeup remover or moisturizing creams on the extensions. For makeup removal, you can prefer micellar waters! Regarding the creams, you can use them, but carefully avoid the lash line. Another proscribed product on extensions: the eyelash curler. This tool breaks your extensions.

3 / Filling

Between each insertion of new eyelash extensions, it is possible, and even recommended to perform fills. This is retouching that can be done every 3 to 4 weeks. The sessions are faster than the original pose, and have a much lower cost. For an even more intense look, know that it is possible to apply mascara on the extensions. Warning: only on the tips, and provided they are thoroughly cleansed with micellar water and then dried with a tissue paper. Look at you doe for a long time!
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