5 mistakes to no longer make when we shave

5 mistakes to no longer make when we shave

5 mistakes to no longer make when we shave
5 mistakes to no longer make when we shave

Razor shaving seems so easy: it is done in the shower, often in a hurry. But the skin does not always support it: it is irritated or strewn with small pimples. To avoid this, discover the 5 mistakes that do not do when you shave.

1 / Do not prepare your skin

If razor rhymes with speed, taking the time to prepare your skin is essential to avoid ending up with irritation or a burning sensation. Step one: clean your skin thoroughly in the shower. Hot water opens the pores and makes shaving easier. A scrub can also be done: the dead skin will be removed and the hair stuck under the skin will not escape the razor.
2 / Do not use cream or gel

In the shower, we sometimes shave directly after being coated with our soap or our shower gel. Error ! If our washing products have a texture similar to that of a gel or a shaving cream, their virtues differ: they are not soothing and moisturizing. So prefer suitable shaving products.

And dry shaving? For lack of time, you may have already spent the razor directly on your skin, without applying anything before. It is a technique to proscribe: the dry shaved area is irritated, red and often painful.

3 / Do not change the razor blade

A razor blade needs to be changed as it wears out over time. The more blades have been used, the more razor passes must be numerous. Result, the skin does not like it at all and lets it know: irritation, redness, pain, it's the trio winner! If the cut hairs get stuck on the blade, it's time to change the blade or razor.

4 / Misuse his razor

If your disposable razor is new or the blade has just been changed, it is not necessary to press too hard for the shave to be effective. On the contrary, the risk is to get irritated skin, damaged and painful because of micro-cuts. Go slowly: pass it over the area by cleaning the razor head between each slide. Performing a single long gesture from the ankle to the knee is a mistake: hairs and cream accumulate, shaving is less effective.

Better to make several small glides by going up gradually along the leg. Finally, choose a good razor: several blades, good grip and a flexible head for the bony areas such as knees or ankles.

5 / Leave your razor on the edge of the bath or in the shower

Obviously, it is very convenient to have your razor handy when you are in your bath or shower. Warning: this habit is not very hygienic and can make shaving unpleasant. With the water that accumulates on the blades, bacteria can proliferate: it is better to keep your razor dry.
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