Fringe failed: 5 tips to rectify the shot

Fringe failed: 5 tips to rectify the shot

Fringe failed: 5 tips to rectify the shot
Fringe failed: 5 tips to rectify the shot

After a visit to the hairdresser, or worse, after trying to cut it alone, the verdict is clear: your bangs are missed. Too short, too long, too straight, too thin ... Do not panic, there are simple solutions to rectify the situation.

Fringe too short: I hide it with a wick

A fringe can change the face of a face. This first trick works if you have enough lengths. Just take a wick placed on the top of the skull, just behind your bangs and fold down on it. To hold this hairstyle, comb your hair on the side and place the famous lock behind the ear. You can fix everything with a small bar. Neither seen nor known, your wick will not move!

Straight bangs: I opt for the wet style

In magazines, on catwalks and in trendy parties, the wet style upsets hair habits. Glamorous, it also makes it possible to camouflage a failed fringe! For a flamboyant result, you can use a gel styling product. Apply it generously on the whole of the hair, then paint your lengths backwards, fringe included. To you the mermaid look!

Too long bangs: I make a sophisticated hairstyle

For a chic and sophisticated look with too long bangs, opt for a side stripe. Start by separating your hair by making a low line on the side. To find your bearings, start from the outer edge of the eyebrow. Then apply a little wax to hold your hair. Plate your wick and fix it with pliers or a pretty bar. You can finish by smoothing your strands with a hair straightener for a modern style.

Fringe too tapered: I put a headband

Your bangs are too thin? Until it regrows, accessorise your hair with a headband. Floral, plain, velvet or embroidered: you have the choice. To hide as discreetly as possible your bangs, slide it to the side, under your headband.

Fringe failed: I go back to the hairdresser for a mini-extension

Do not have the patience to wait for your hair to grow back? What if you opt for a mini-extension? Radical, this solution eliminates the problem in a few hours. This technique is very useful for lengthening or densifying a bang. For those who wish to give the illusion the time of an evening, opt for a fringe clip: no need to cut, just clipper. Economical, this accessory gives a natural result if you choose the right hair color.
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