Lip balm: 5 unusual ways to use it

Lip balm: 5 unusual ways to use it

Lip balm: 5 unusual ways to use it

Indispensable to the beauty kit, lip balm is usually used to nourish chapped mouths, but it also has other amazing uses! Discover 5 unusual beauty tips to achieve with your lipstick.

1 / Count your eyebrows

Do you want a perfect eyebrow line? Your lip balm can help you tame it! After shaving your eyebrows, simply apply some balm on it. Then take a clean mascara brush and brush them up slightly. The balm will fix your line for a flawless result all day long.

2 / Moisturize your hair

The first use of a lip balm is to nourish the parched lips. But its nourishing action is also useful for your hair. Cold, pollution, hair straightener: the hair is often put to the test. If they are very dry, simply take your balm and apply it on the tips. Effective and practical!

3 / A care for cuticles

Taking care of your cuticles is sometimes complicated. This sensitive area requires a particularly nourishing care. Do not have cream or oil specifically designed for cuticles? Do not panic, you can use your lip balm. It will make your little skin softer and nourish the nails.

4 / Keeping the perfume

During the day, the smell of your perfume may fade. In addition to applying its fragrance well, it is possible to spray it on a fat body. This is where your lip balm comes into play. Very fat, it will tend to keep a smell longer. Apply a little on your wrists or your shot, then spray your fragrance.

5 / A bandage after hair removal

After hair removal with a razor, the skin has little tingling due to small lesions. Simply apply balm, without perfume, on your cut: its fat body will act as a poultice and will stop the bleeding. It will also help to heal the small wound. The balm at all good!
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