Slimming by age: our tips at 30, 40 and 50 years

Slimming by age: our tips at 30, 40 and 50 years

Slimming by age: our tips at 30, 40 and 50 years
Slimming by age: our tips at 30, 40 and 50 years

The body evolves according to the way of life and the hormonal upheavals: at each age its problems and its targeted solutions. Follow our advice to refine your silhouette as you wish!

To slim down at 30: fight the orange peel
If cellulite affects almost 90% of women, it is rather light when young and dynamic. If the orange peel begins to appear, react before it settles, because the body does not eliminate as easily as before. The good reflex: use care that stimulates lipolysis and help release fat through assets such as caffeine. Apply your morning and evening care on nascent cellulite. Otherwise, once a day, but in cure for at least three months.

The right gesture: take the time to massage the product, performing palpate-rolling movements. A good boost to stimulate microcirculation, oxygenate tissues and crush fat deposits.

Mincir 40 years: fight against cellulite installed
Around the forties the muscular density diminishes in favor of the fat mass. As a result, cellulite increases. Adipocytes, bigger and more numerous, increase the crushing phenomenon of the vessels. The vascularization becomes insufficient. In the dermis, which can be crushed too, the collagen and elastin fibers are altered. This is characterized by painful cellulitis when you pinch it, but also by cold areas to the touch. The solution ? Lipolytic active ingredients, such as caffeine or fucus, and ingredients that stimulate the renewal of collagen fibers, such as silicon or plankton for example. Also, formulas that contain oxygen to detoxify tissues and boost lipolysis.

The right gesture: on this type of cellulite, palpate-rolling is difficult to achieve because it can be painful. Prefer deep smoothing, in ascending circular movements. Press hard, then let go down.

To slim down at 50: to gain in firmness
The silhouette changes because it undergoes the effects of age: the muscle mass decreases, but it is a guarantee of firmness and tone. The skin tends to loosen and unsightly folds may appear. To help him get back on, cosmetics are all good. Some active ingredients can boost fiber and encourage the synthesis of collagen and elastin. This is the case of silicon, certain complexes based on plankton, or certain ingredients found in anti-aging creams for the face, such as bioceramides. They can be associated with fat burning assets. If this is not the case, you can then apply a slimming formula and a firming one, as long as the textures are compatible.

The good gesture: to wake the fibroblasts, make maneuvers of pinching: in the manner of pinches Jacquet, between the thumb and forefinger, by upward movements.

Mincing after menopause: erase the curvatures installed
As a result of the hormonal upheavals, the storage of fats is changed. They are more localized on the belly, and become more difficult to eliminate. Especially since the metabolism slows down: the physical activity is reduced and the body burns fewer calories. To limit storage, rely on regular physical activity, associated with destocking and firming care. So bet on compositions that act on localized and resistant fat deposits, but also on the signs of aging of the skin, thanks to antioxidant ingredients such as extracts of brown algae. Caffeine is of course your fat-burning joker, but you also need nutritious assets, such as shea butter, and firming, like green micro-algae extracts that stimulate collagen synthesis.

The right gesture: apply your care on the belly, by massage, making great circular movements, in the direction of clockwise. Work hands flat, then make small circles around the belly button.

Cures boost: In dietary supplements "slimming and menopause", you will find natural ingredients cocktails to facilitate the elimination functions of the body (cherry tail), control your weight gain and improve metabolism fats. To take in cure of a month.
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